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Co-Founder Holistapet | Charlotte Hodgson | $6K - $500K/month in 6 months - Episode #61

Building Fires | Originally called the WeStrive Entrepreneurship Podcast

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This week we have Charlotte Hodgson and basically everything she touches turns to Gold. She grew up with loving parents who she later found out were addicted to hard drugs. At an early age, she was responsible for taking care of her siblings, eventually joined the army, got her Masters in Education, and eventually joined a Charter School. When she joined, the school had 250 students and by the time she left the school had over 35,000.

After seeing an opportunity with her friend's company, Holistapet (, she decided to invest and become a Co-Founder. The company was doing $6,000/month and after 6 months of Charlotte, they were doing around $500K/month. This past year they did $5 Million and are on track to do $10 Million in 2020. Once Charlotte was brought on the team, they also expanded into the human version of their CBD company, Cheef Botanicals ( I hope you enjoy the episode and can learn something from Charlotte's experience and lessons!

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