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CEO @ Boundless Labs | Chase Dimond - Episode #69

Building Fires | Originally called the WeStrive Entrepreneurship Podcast

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First off, I want to congratulate Chase on having his first kid 👶Chase started off by being a key part of a business that scaled to 300,000 students. After this accomplishment, he created one of the most successful 'email travel series' lists in existence and he did it all from scratch. This is when he realized that he had become a master email marketer. Fast forward to today and he runs an email marketing agency, focusing on e-commerce brands, called boundlesslabs and they are working with some of the top brands from around the world. If you're looking to partner up with an amazing email marketing specialist, you can get ahold of Chase below.

The best way for people to connect with Chase: Twitter (here's his profile) and LinkedIn (here's his profile). Chase's email if anyone wants to email him is

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