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Co-Founder @ StitchCrew | Erika Lucas - Episode #68

Building Fires | Originally called the WeStrive Entrepreneurship Podcast

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Erika Lucas is the Co-Founder of the StitchCrew Accelerator program based out of Oklahoma City, OK. 

Growing up in Mexico with 'bootstrapping' entrepreneurial parents, Erika learned early on what it takes to be successful. After moving to Oklahoma, she realized there were so amazing startups in her area that were leaving for big cities like LA, San Fran, and NY. She and her partner created StitchCrew to help fight this problem. They have already made a huge impact on their state through their investment/effort/time and their partnership with the Oklahoma City Thunder, 

They have seen nearly 100 startups flourish under their guidance throughout the five cohorts in their program thus far and they are just getting started 💪

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