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Founders @ Lazarus 3D | Jacques & Smriti Zaneveld - Episode #55

Building Fires | Originally called the WeStrive Entrepreneurship Podcast

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Smriti & Jacques Zaneveld are two of the most brilliant minds that I've ever had the privilege of speaking to, let alone interviewing. Combined, they have about 40 awards, degrees, masters, PhD's, etc. and they have brought their powers together for the greater good. They currently run Lazarus 3D which is a 3D printing company that creates body parts (blood vessels, tissue, and all) to enable surgeons to master their surgical abilities. Right now, your surgeon more than likely practiced their surgeries in school on fruits and's 2020 and your surgeon practiced on FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. That's just crazy to me. What Smriti & Jacques are doing will definitely save countless lives and I couldn't be more excited for them.

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