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200+ Lbs Weight Loss Story - Jordan Grahm - Episode #7

Building Fires | Originally called the WeStrive Entrepreneurship Podcast

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What is there to say? I mean this guy lost over 200 pounds and now competes in bodybuilding competitions. It takes some pretty big balls to push yourself so hard that you cut your weight literally in half. I'm still out here trying to lose 10 pounds...and I've been trying for over a year haha. I was lucky enough to sit down with Jordan and listen as he took me through his weight loss journey.

Luckily, we recorded it in a podcast so everyone can hear his story. Jordan gives a lot of tips and motivation for weight loss and overall life improvement. When you want to lose weight, sometimes starting off is the hardest part.

Jordan began by slowly walking up a large hill every day. At 440+ lbs, this wasn't an easy task. Each day the hill became smaller and smaller in his mind until he got to the point where he could actually workout.

After years and years of hard work and dieting, Jordan found himself sitting at 208 lbs...more than 200 lbs from his original starting weight.

This journey is incredible and I encourage everyone to reach out to Jordan to hear his story

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