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JetCet CEO | Nick Ordoñez - Episode #46

Building Fires | Originally called the WeStrive Entrepreneurship Podcast

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Nick Ordoñez was introduced to me by a previous interviewee, Brodi Nicholas (episode #35), since Nick's company does a lot of work with Brodi's Cancer charity, Nick runs an amazing travel/lifestyle backpacking company called Jetcet that he started several years ago. His passion for travel and hard work are what forged his company and those ambitions all started as a little kid. Nick's best friend/brother has down-syndrome and that had a big impact on how Nick lived his life. After heading off to college, Nick wanted to make his brother proud and that's when he started working on Jetcet. Seeing a need for a sleeker/more compact backpack, Nick and his cousin decided to launch Jetcet and the rest is history.

Throughout the podcast we touch on early life, scaling a company (with a baby at home), his relationship with the Philippines, and so much more.

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