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Pitch Deck Mastery | Laurent Grill, Vik Sasi, Farhaj Mayan - Episode #66

Building Fires | Originally called the WeStrive Entrepreneurship Podcast

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Pitch Decks, Pitch Decks, Pitch Decks...that's pretty much all I've heard since I entered the entrepreneurial world years ago. How they look, what pages go where, what investors like goes on and on. That's why I wanted to have an episode to pull three unique perspectives from three incredible entrepreneurs/investors.

Farhaj Mayan is the founder of Kanna and has won several pitch competitions with his amazing presentation skills and pitch decks. Laurent Grill is the lead investor at Luma Lunch, has been involved in several startups of his own, and has years of pitch deck experience under his belt. Finally, Vik Sasi is one of the main partners at Dreamers VC (Founded by Will Smith and Keisuke Honda) and he brings a very unique perspective to the pitch deck conversation.

Farhaj Mayan: 2:38 - 19:43 

Farhaj's Current Deck:


Laurent Grill: 19:48 - 37:17

Lead Investor:

@laurentgrill on twitter

@lumalaunch on Instagram

Vik Sasi: 37:18 - End


LinkedIn Profile


Pitch Decks references in episode:

Guy Kowasaki 10-Slide:

Front - Series A Deck:

Front - Series B Deck:

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